Feature flags for your edge functions.

Whether you want to ship without breaking things, run A/B tests or just want to test in production, feature flags are a great way to dynamically change the behaviour of your app without redeploying. We're excited to announce the public beta release of our new feature flagging library: @upstash/edge-flags.

Edge Flags, as the name implies, is a feature flag solution built to run at the edge. It is using Upstash Redis, a globally replicated serverless Redis service, to store configuration and is designed to work with Next.js and Vercel. We want to support other frameworks in the future, so if you have a suggestion, please let us know!

With the ability to toggle features on and off at the edge, you can quickly respond to user feedback and optimize the user experience. Whether you are looking to perform A/B testing, gradually roll out a new feature, or simply have the ability to turn things off in case of an issue, our feature flagging library has you covered.


Check out the full announcement on upstash.com for more details.